The first place to order the certified materials is our WEB SHOP.
There you can place your orders and we will be glad to supply you materials either directly from our EU Sales office or though your Local Dealer. We provide worldwide coverage for sales and technical support.

For any specific requirements you may contact the Slavich International Sales Office
at - all inquiries are answered in 24 hours.

Local dealer Address Dealing Country Tel/Fax
Geola Digital EU office
Naugarduko 41,
Vilnius 03227,
EU countries,
(except of Germany)
Tel: + 370 5 213 27 37
TOPAG Lasertechnik GmbH
Nieder-Ramstadter-Str. 247
D-64285 Darmstad
Germany Tel: +49 6151 425978
Fax: +49 6151 425988
Laser Reflections, Inc
589 Howard Street,
San Francisco CA 94105,
USA Tel: + 1 415 896 5958
Fax: + 1 415 896 5171
Forth Dimension Holographics
214 Deer Trail Rd. Nashville,
Indiana 47448,
USA Tel: + 1 812 340 9161
Fax: + 1 812 988 0380
Indeco Inc.
SI building 1-11-14,
Kasuga, Bunkyou-ku,
Tokyo 112-0003, Japan
Japan Tel: +03 3818 4011
Fax: +03 3818 4015

Purchasing information

International sales point

In 1998 Slavich has appointed Geola Digital uab as an International Sales Coordination office and as an official Stockhouse for all Slavich products. Under Slavich's instructions, Geola Digital is appointing national Slavich distributors for all holography products.

Web Shop

From 2003 all holography products are available for online purchase. Orders are processed through local distribution network.


The Slavich International Sales Office at Geola Digital was formed in order to ease the communications interface between the Russian company Slavich and Western Customers. Geola Digital maintains a full-time English-speaking sales staff that are both friendly and easy to communicate with. All Slavich orders are computer tracked so we can keep you informed of exactly what is happening with your order. Our large stock of Slavich material and our direct contact with the Slavich production unit allows us to deliver promptly and efficiently, using whatever transport method you request.


In addition to the quality checks performed at the Slavich production unit, Geola Digital batch samples and verifies all stock held at its premises and all orders from its distributors and clients. In the unlikely event that any Slavich product is found to be defective due to manufacture and this product has been sold through the Slavich International Sales Office at Geola Digital, this product will be replaced free of charge in the shortest possible time.

Non-standard Sizes

Please contact us directly for your non-standard requirements on both Glass and film.

Technical Information

Geola Digital uab is one of the major testing houses for Slavich products. As such we develop and test new chemistries and processing techniques and of course are thoroughly familiar with the technical behaviour of each Slavich product. Most new information that we and other testing houses develop is made available on this home page. If you encounter some problem that is not listed in the FAQ section of the home page, you may contact us directly and ask for technical assistance. We will do our best to respond to your enquiry as quickly as we are able.


Slavich is committed to the furthering of the Holography industry through the development of new emulsions and the perfection of existing products. Please help us to understand the needs of the market by sending us your comments and suggestions.


OAO Kompania Slavich and Uab Geola Digital reserve the right to make change without notice to the specifications and material contained herein and shall not be held responsible for any damage (including consequential) caused by the reliance on the materials presented, including but not limited to typographical, arithmetic or listing errors.


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